DIY Fire Pit Kits

Firefly Patented DC Brass Burners

Furnishing & Finishing Your Patio & Outdoor Living Space

Firefly DC Patented Brass Burners use a centerpiece cross to expand from all four sides to create better overall flame coverage. And by using multiple size Jets we can use more SEALTITE gas Jets per square inch to create larger and more consistent flame pattern and unsurpassed flame ignition sequence.

Create a custom fire pit, using one of our Firefly Patented DIY Fire Pit Kits, included is a DC Brass Burner, Aluminum Plate and a Key Valve Flexline.  (Media sold separetely)

If you are looking for a decorative fire pit kit, check out the DC Brass Burner developed and designed to fit virtually any size Fire Pit, Fire Place or Fire Feature.

You've seen the rest, now use the best FireFly DC Brass Burners with
Patented Satelite gas jet technology.