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Firefly Patented DC Brass Burners

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Firefly’s patented SEALTITE Jets are the brainchild of Ray Stone. He has over 43 years experience in gas, plumbing, heating, design and landscaping as well as manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution. The mission of Firefly is to bring to market and affordable alternative to firings that will last a lifetime and create flame effects like no other in the industry. With his extensive knowledge of the industry he was able to create the Firefly DC Brass Burner system and this allowed Ray to achieve and file a utility patent pending on the SEALTITE jet system.

Firefly DC Brass Burners are built with Unsurpassed quality, performance and assembly process. Controlled flame distribution with three different size SEALTITE gas Jets, 2500, 5000 and 10000k BTU SEALTITE Gas Jets. Firefly can produce any size flame effect you desire, from a large bonfire with 18" to 24" flames all the way down to a gentle ambience fire with 5" to 8" flames.

When you see the design technology and engineering, you will know the value of what you are about to own.