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FireFly Patio & Hearth - Fire Feature Portfolio

West Yellowstone Kelly Inn


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I had to write and tell you how impressed we are with your unit. Once we had the gas line installed installation was simple, everything fit perfectly and the results are amazing. We created the fire pit on an outdoor patio in front of our hotel just for guests to enjoy but your flame system with the huge dancing flames makes such an impression that people driving by see it like a sign of quality and stop to inquire about a room.

Our new fire pit really attracts guests that drive by our hotel in the evening. It's better than a sign out front for attracting late walk in reservations. Your revolutionary burner system makes giant dancing flames that draw guests every night like moths to the flames. Thanks for making such a great new product.

Since we have something unique and upscale from other properties they assume the rest of the hotel must also be upscale. It is better than a Vacancy sign. We absolutely love it. We can't wait until next year when we plan to install the auto system. Your design made it possible to test the concept late in the season at an economical budget and then expand the following year once we saw how effective it would be. Thank you for personally answering all our questions on the phone and for creating such a great web site to make our decision easy. We will recommend your system for the other hotels in our company considering a fire pit.

Don Hill - West Yellowstone Kelly Inn

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