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Patio Outfitters

FireFly Patio & Hearth - Furnishing & Finishing Your Patio & Outdoor Living Space

FireFly Patio & Hearth is an online retail distributor of premium outdoor patio and landscape products. We sell everything from grills and fire pits, to patio renovation and outdoor living, to D.I.Y. construction specific products. We offer products including but not limited to:


Country Oak Deluxe


Click for a larger preview. Rugged beauty of our Country Oak line in a more dramatic arrangement. Log ends and knots highlighted by hand are examples of our unique coloring system. Pine cone set included.
(Brown bark)

24" footprint comes with 6 logs
36" footprint comes with 7 logs

24" Footprint

24CD6 - 24" 6-logs

30" Footprint

30CD7 - 30" 7-logs

36" Footprint

36CD7 - 36" 7-logs

42" Footprint

42CD7 - 42" 10-logs

48" Footprint

48CD10 - 48" 11-logs


Pine Log Kits

Available in:
PLK7 - 7 piece kit:(18" footprint)
PLK9 - 9 piece kit:(20" footprint)
PLK14 - 14 piece kit:(24" footprint)

log kits

Country Split

Click for a larger preview. Splintered areas contrast with the deeply defined bark of Country Split logs to create a realism reminiscent of their country heritage. Our most popular set!

Available in:
24CS7 - 24" 7-logs
30CS8 - 30" 8-logs
36CS8 - 36" 8-logs
42CS10 - 42" 10-logs
48CS11 - 48" 11-logs


24" footprint comes with 7 logs
36" footprint comes with 8 logs

Country Oak

Click for a larger preview. Surface bark is tinted slightly lighter in hue than the darker recesses that accent Country Oak logs. Nature's closest cousin.

Available in:
24CO6 - 24 " 6-log
- 30" 7-log
36CO7 - 36" 7-log
42CO7 - 42 " 10-log
- 48" 11 piece


24" footprint comes with 6 logs
36" footprint comes with 7 logs

Sierra Birch

Click for a larger preview. High mountain birch and quaking aspen logs that could easily have come from the closest ski slope. The smooth yet textured bark is highlighted with hand-tinting.

Available in:
24SB6 - 24" 6-logs
30SB6 - 30" 7-logs
36SB7 - 36" 7-logs


24" footprint comes with 5 logs
30" footprint comes with 6 logs
36" footprint comes with 7 logs


Hand cut and hand welded, these custom Steel Oak Log sets are perfect for commercial properties. They can be bolted down to protect from theft and are strong and durable enough to resist harm from even the craziest drunks. These log kits will not only protect your burning system and disperse heat, but they are aesthetically appealing and will last the lifetime of your fire pit.



Fits the CFB24 60K BTU burner


Fits the CFB30 120K BTU burner


Fits the CFB36 180K BTU burner

Custom Steel Log Kits Custom Steel Log Kits

oak steel logs oak steel logs


*** CUSTOM SIZES AVAILABLE - Contact us for a quote!

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