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Patio Outfitters

FireFly Patio & Hearth - Fire Pits and all the things you need to go with them.

FireFly Patio & Hearth offers you a variety of Warming Trends Crossfire Burning Systems, Fire Pits, Portable Hearths, Fire Pit Covers, Fire Log Kits, Fire Pit Media and all the Accessories to meet all your outdoor fire pit needs. If you are in the market for fire pit accessories, you will find top quality products here on our website. When you are looking for backyard fire pits, you want something long-lasting, beautiful and efficient.

In addition to our Crossfire Burner Technology, we also manufacture and distribute custom fire pits, portable fire pits, custom fireplaces, patio fire pits, outdoor fire pits, fire pit hearths, tiki torches, automated electronic ignition systems, manual lit fire burner systems, outdoor gas logs, fire glass, lava rocks and more.

Please choose from below to dig a little deeper into our range of fire pit options:

crossfire burner technology crossfire burner technology
fire pit kits crossfire burner technology
fire pit kits  

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FireFly Patio & Hearth
Littleton, CO 80120
PH: 303.918.6626